Eviction Services

Okaloosa eviction notice services

Capital Solutions Legal Services provides evictions services for Landlords, property owners, and managers in Northwest Florida. If you need to evict a tenant it is imperative that you follow Chapter 83 of Florida Statues exactly to avoid costly mistakes. If a step is missed during the eviction process, you risk having your case dismissed, and have to start the eviction process all over again. Also, if you do miss a step you could be violating the tenant's legal rights which may result in the landlord being liable for monetary damages to the tenant. Don’t let this happen to you!

Capital Solutions Legal Services will ensure that all steps to evict a tenant is followed according to the Florida Statues. We will prepare and file all the paperwork needed, serve the notices and summons, and make arrangements with the Sheriff's Office. During the process, we keep you informed every step of the way.

Call us today and let us handle the headache of evicting your tenant.

The Eviction Process

  • Preparation of Initial Notice to Tenant(s)

Service of Initial Notice on Tenant(s)

Preparation of Complaint for Eviction

Filing of Complaint for Eviction with the Clerk of Court

Service of Summons on Tenant(s)

Preparation of Motion for Default, Request for Final Judgment, and Writ of Possession

Filing of Motton for Default, Request for Final Judgment, and Writ of Possession with the Clerk of Court

Scheduling of Writ of Possession with Sheriff's Office

Representation at Writ of Possession (Tenant Removal)